AXtension® Visual Planning for Projects


Optimize resource utilization, maximize project profitability.


In order to achieve this you must proactively act and react on any day-to-day circumstances, considering the overall picture. That is how you prevent capital waste, exceed your customers’ expectations and maximizing your profit.





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Top 5 reasons why every project based organization should use AXtension® Visual Planning for Projects

  • Make it fun to work with Microsoft Dynamics by simplifying project- and resource planning with drag & drop functionality and full ERP integration, realising a single point of truth.
  • Align your human capital to your business needs by optimizing your pipeline management, improve your bid decisions and focus on the opportunities that allign best with the available knowledge and competences.
  • Increase your competitive advantage by taking the lessons learned from previous projects to improve your next offering and make sure you can deliver to promise and exceed your customer's expectations.
  • Prevent project delays by managing your supply chain, integrating all material requirements into your planning and act pro-actively on potential progress interferences.
  • Know exactly what changed in your planning, when and why, by keeping track of project changes with the full version management functionality. Reduce discussions with your internal and external project stakeholders and show you are in full control.

Task Planning


Visualize the Workbreakdown structure

in a Gantt chart


Simplify planning with easy drag & drop capabilities for a single activity, or a selection of multiple activities. Fully utilizing the workbreakdown strucutre and its capabilities. Enriching  standard Dynamics 365 for operations functionalities.


Resource Planning


Visualize the organizational breakdown structure and assign activities


Reschedule a single, or multiple activities at once by dragging and dropping to a different resource based on real time capacity insights. All functionalities to fullfill all requirements are available within a single click.

Optimize Project Planning

Visualize target planning with milestones


Milestones help to visualize over target planning

Introducing a new activity type called milestones is helping to manage and control the impact on schedule variances. 

Set multiple relationships between activities

Links & Delays

Advanced relationships between activities

Set finish>start, start>start or finish>finish relationships between activites with a soft or hard link. This link can be enriched with a positive or negative delay which results in a more realistic planning.

Compare your actual planning to a previous version


Compare your actual planning to a previous version

Each published planning can be stored as a baseline. You can always compare the actual planning against any of the baselines stored in the past. Project changes can be tracked and relevant information can be stored to review the project and define lessons learned.

See if all materials are available on task level

Material Tracking

Get warned pro-actively on material availability

Link item requirements, purchase orders and production orders to the activity start or end date. The material availability will be displayed on tasks level. When materials are delayed the earliest start date will be presented and an easy direct link to the order allows to easily track down the issue and set out corrective actions.


Visualized resource capacity in histogram or buckets

Resource Capacity

Capacity insights in histogram or buckets

Visualization on demand and in real time. The split screen allows direct impact insight after rescheduling while full screen enables you to focus on a larger selection of resources at a single glance

Always in control!

Keep track of published project versions

Version History

Revert to previous versions of the planning.

Keep track of all published project versions and their descriptions to see full project history.

Validate HRM alignment to required capacity

Role Capacity

Validate HRM alignment to required capacity

Validate the availability of capacity in a period of time to check feasability of planning and define impact on HRM. This input can be used to define recruitement plans or other strategic human resources planning.

Visualized progress on task level

Activity Progress

Visualization of task completion based on posted hours

Hour transactions posted on project activities will result in direct visualisation of the progress on activity level. This progress can be manually adjusted.


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