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One of the most common processes that could be a major quick win is the automation of the accounts payable invoice handling. Getting early payment discounts, prevent late payment penalties and reducing the administrative impact are very good reasons to start optimizing today. If we tell you this can be done today and is seamless for future upgrade ambitions, within a short timeframe and a quick ROI, why wait?



Article: How AXtension Invoice Processing surpasses the standard 

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Why AXtension®
Invoice Processing

  • No more long lists of invoices to be checked, but a smart automatic invoice approval process that alerts you when your action is required.
  • If you use the special AXtension® External Approval module, you do not even have to log into Microsoft Dynamics. This means you require no specific knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics to be able to start approving invoices. You can approve invoices whenever and wherever you want, using your own device. In this way you can avoid supplier penalties and benefit from early payment discounts.
  • You can approve more invoices in less time and reduce the number of errors resulting from manual input.
  • A powerfully enriched Microsoft Dynamics workflow gives real-time insight into the process with clearly defined steps and actions leading to early Return on Investments.
  • You will be able to carry out periodic accruals automatically.
  • Integration with AXtension® Enterprise Content Management provides easy access to scanned invoices that can no longer be mislaid.


Real life examples

  • An organization which receives 200.000 invoices a year and wants to automate their process by minimizing the manual interruptions. AXtension® Invoice Processing enables them to support this ambition. By optimizing Microsoft Dynamics and aligning their vendors they will be able to process double the number of invoices with the same resources, which supports their growth strategy.

  • For an organization that wants to minimize the missed early settlement discounts and late payment fees, AXtension® Invoice Processing enables them to support this ambition. The visual signals in the dashboard will inform the AP clerk when he needs to respond and act to optimize the processes.


Customer success stories


“The benefits of moving to AXtension® Invoice Processing have been significant, and almost exactly as anticipated. We have a solution that from the point of view of the end user is simply a part of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”


Speedy Hire

Speedy Hire uses AXtension® solutions to streamline their processes and solve their business problems.


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How does AXtension® Invoice Processing work?

  • The visual control signals allow you to manage by exception, using one main workflow for all invoice types.
  • The processing cycle of an invoice (from system entry to posting) is handled from one single point. This allows you to be in control at all times.
  • Supports Shared Service Center (SSC) capabilities allow the centralized Accounts Payable functionality to service multiple companies or sites.
  • An exceptional expanded standard Microsoft Dynamics workflow framework is offered that can easily be tailored to fit any number of different workflows, offering maximum flexibility and accelerating the approval process.
  • You can view a digital copy of your invoice throughout the entire process. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management enables you to see the invoices in different portal views.
  • A native app for your platform is offered that allows users to easily review the Accounts Payable invoices assigned to them in the workflow, without having to log into Microsoft Dynamics. Available on iOS, Android, Windows and e-mail.
  • Packing slip matching is made into an extremely user-friendly process that allows you to easily select packing slip lines by PO number, packing slip or item.
  • Integration with standard OCR products like ReadSoft Online means that invoice recognition is set up at a glance.
  • You can use parameter settings to define permitted variations on both price and invoice level, allowing you to manage by exception.


AXtension reference Terberg Group
Terberg Group is in charge of managing all the Terberg Group's communal activities.
AXtension reference ASSA ABLOY
ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions. One in every 10 lock and security installations worldwide uses their products.
AXtension reference Promens
Promens is a leading global plastics manufacturer operating over 60 manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

AXtension® Invoice Processing optimizes the accounts payable invoice process in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Why AXtension is a key differentiator

Microsoft Dynamics knows three different types of invoice processing methods. The Invoice Register, Invoice Journal and Vendor Invoice are three different processes that are managed in a decentralized manner. When an organization is working with a large number of invoices, it is really time consuming and difficult to keep track of them all. The same could be said for sharing the actual document. This lack of insight results in late payments and missing early payment discounts.


Points of interest:


  • Three Different Invoice processing processes cause decentralized management.
  • The workflow does not support organization’s needs for AP invoice approval.
  • The storage of the physical copy digitally in the system is not supported.
  • Managing invoices centrally via a Shared Service Center.

Invoice Processing

Elevating the standard attachment functionality

When making use of AXtension® Invoice Processing, all of these invoice types will be combined into one dashboard containing all of the required information. An advanced workflow is introduced to support straight through processing, where no manual interference is required when the matching is done within your predefined boundaries.


The document is shown in a separate form, which allows the user to show the document on a second display. The document displayed will be automatically updated according to the selected invoice. The tools provided will quicken and simplify the approval process. The AXtension® External Approval App is offered to enable remote and non-AX users to approve invoices.



Invoice Processing already includes Intelligent Data Capturing capabilities using OCR, but we also provide tools to integrate with any other Invoice Capturing solution.

When working in a multi company environment it might be convenient to be able to process all invoices from one single point of view. With the Shared Service Center dashboard this process is supported.


  • One single screen for handling all account payable invoices, single- & multi-company.
  • User-friendly process for entering invoice information.
  • Offers extended packing slip matching.
  • Save time, save money.
  • Leads to an early ROI.

Nothing but comfort 

  • Our solution is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics, stay as close to the AX and 365 standards as possible, ensuring smooth and easy upgradeability.
  • Because it fits so perfectly, it’s easier for you to learn how to use it. It looks and feels like Microsoft Dynamics AX so much that you don’t even know you’re using AXtension.
  • We offer the possibility to try it before you buy it.
  • If after your purchase you are not happy with the results, you can get your money back guaranteed.
  • Implementation only lasts 3 working days, so you can start working and saving money right away.


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