AXtension® Enterprise Content Management


Document management seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX


AXtension® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on that allows you to manage documents using the advantages of both SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


If you are looking for a document management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, please have a look at AXtension® Content Gate


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Why AXtension®
Enterprise Content Management

During any business process many diverse documents are generated and stored within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Once stored, you can attach them to a record and distribute them manually or create a link to a specific location. However, how do you ensure that your resources are accessing the latest documents as and when they are required? How are the documents being managed and labelled, making them easy to locate? And, how are you handling your security issues? AXtension® Enterprise Content Management can be used in any industry and uses the power of SharePoint to store, categorize and link documents, making them accessible to specific resources whenever and wherever they are required.


What is AXtension® Enterprise Content Management?

AXtension® Enterprise Content Management integrates the power of Microsoft SharePoint in AX to provide a vital link to all of your documents. You can dynamically gather all of the documents that are produced during any of your business processes and which are necessary for an optimal job execution. A dynamic dossier containing all communications, drawings and other documents is transferred to the related record in Microsoft Dynamics AX and can be presented from multiple perspectives. You can also manage potential security issues by ensuring that only specific resources can access any specific dossier.


5 reasons to use this AXtension

Whatever your discipline and wherever your location, AXtension® Enterprise Content Management allows you to:


  • Access full Document Management functionalities integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Categorize and identify documents and dossiers to ensure fast and efficient accessibility from multiple angles by the right resources
  • Provide access to documents outside of AX and upload and attach them to AX objects
  • Create collaboration portals for use by both internal and external resources, service providers and sources
  • Create synergy by optimizing collaboration within one or multiple organizations with a single point of truth.


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AXtension® Enterprise Content Management provides the bridge between your structured data in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the unstructured data within Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Why AXtension is a key differentiator

Within Microsoft Dynamics AX you have the possibility to attach documents to a record via the attachment functionality. These documents are stored either in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database or via a link to a file share. When the need for such a document arises, we must find the object that it is related to and use the attachment functionality to access the document. Using the system successfully requires a lot of discipline and adherence to the procedures, to make sure everyone uses the system consistently.


Points of interest:


  • Documents can only be attached to a single object
  • As the number of documents grows it becomes harder to find a specific document
  • Insight is lost because users are attaching documents to different objects
  • Very minor functionality for managing user documents
  • An AX client is needed to both access and work on documents simultaneously


Enterprise Content Management

Elevating the standard attachment functionality

Every organization working with Microsoft Dynamics AX has a windows server running with the standard integrated SharePoint foundation. SharePoint is a full featured document management system already used by all organizations working with the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise portal. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management elevates the standard attachment functionality by combining the power of a relational database with a full featured document management system, providing functionalities like version history, workflow and document check-in or out. When requesting documents on an object we gather not only the directly related documents, but, via the relational database, we can collect related objects and their documents.




This builds a dynamic dossier containing all relevant documents in one overview that provides:


  • N:N relation between object and documents over one or multiple companies
  • Categorization and identification of documents to improve accessibility
  • The power of SharePoint available within Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Accessibility to documents outside of Microsoft Dynamics AX with possibility to upload and attach to Microsoft Dynamics AX objects
  • Creation of enhanced collaboration portals



Functions and features

Microsoft SharePoint Document libraries combined with AXtension® Enterprise Content Management Meta data columns allow you to define which documents should be attached to which Microsoft Dynamics AX objects. Full flexibility is offered for setting up the document categorization and required document identification. Documents can be attached to one or multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX objects, but regular Meta data information can also be added to optimize your document’s accessibility.


To make sure we do not gather the documents from all related objects within Microsoft Dynamics AX, we use one or more studio mode definitions to setup which objects you want to use within a specific view.


To create isolated collaboration zones we’ve introduced portals. These are separate websites that can either be used internally or made accessible for external sources like customers, distributors or vendors. These portals can also contain non document related web parts that can be displayed and used from within Microsoft Dynamics AX.


AXtension® Enterprise Content Management can be integrated into existing Microsoft SharePoint implementations and supports full enterprise environment flexibility. Documents can be shared throughout one or multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX companies and supports multiple site collections. 


This solution can also be implemented in a step by step approach. Whether you are a mid-market or enterprise level company, AXtension® Enterprise Content Management will support your organization and sustain your growth.

Focus industries & processes

AXtension® Enterprise Content Management is a horizontal solution that is applicable to any industry. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retail chain or service provider, documents are crucial to your environment. Whether you will use the solution for gathering and storing documents such as sales orders, customer data, projects, certificates, HR or other business critical information, a business case can be created to justify the investment.


  • In an Engineer to Order environment, during the opportunity and quotation phase a lot of documents containing all kinds of critical decisions, approved drawings and agreements are sent back and forth. When you attach these documents to your opportunity or quotation you want them to be available in a later stage. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management lets you create a dossier from the project perspective, showing the project, the related quotation and the originating opportunity. By retrieving these relations the system will gather all documents attached on any of these levels so they can be directly previewed with the integrated document viewer. 


  • In a manufacturing environment a machine operator is required to make sure the setup of his machine and tooling are done according to the latest instructions and drawings. When using AXtension® Enterprise Content Management all documents and files attached to the item that is produced or to the routing step that will be executed can be presented via a simple overview. Full version history is supported resulting in clear communication to the machine operator, which in turn will result in an improved OEE and reduced waste.