Mastering project budget management with AXtension Project Cost Control

Join the webinar on September 14, 4:00 PM CET



Managing budgets and costs of projects can be quite a challenge. When you are not able to respond to budget issues in a timely manner during the project lifecycle, it will result in a significant reduction of your project profitability.  


Learn how your organization can benefit from AXtension® Project Cost Control here: 


Join our webinar on September 14, 4:00 PM CET and learn how AXtension® Project Cost Control can help you to:


  • Comply with industry standards and requirements for Earned Value Management
  • Simplify and increase accuracy of progress reporting
  • Specify an independent cost accounting structure
  • Manage multiple projects from a single budget
  • Optimize audits by keeping track of budget versions, mutations and adjustments