Industry AXcelerator® for the Service Industry


The Industry AXcelerator® for the Service Industry optimizes your process from pipeline management to project review. Having all of the required information at your fingertips means that you can make better decisions when placing a bid. During project execution you can manage your upselling possibilities and identify project changes and additional work. The Industry AXcelerator® for the Service Industry allows you to use past experience to influence future lead qualifications and bid decisions. You can effectively manage your pipeline by keeping track of the opportunities it contains and how they comply with your available knowledge base.

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This AXcelerator contains:

Solution 1

Enterprise Content Management

Optimized use of tagged documents in your critical business processes

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Solution 2

Visual Planning for Production

Real-time insight for effective production planning

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Solution 3

Project Cost Control

Stay within budget by matching actuals from a single screen

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Solution 4

Invoice Processing

Accounts payable invoice processing has never felt more comfortable

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AXtension® Visual Planning enables you to refine your focus based on the forecasted impact of the entire pipeline and your available resources. By enhancing your project templates you can reschedule the entire quotation to adapt to changing customer demands. Use the resource planning features to gauge the impact on your resources and make sure you are focusing on the sales activities that comply with the services you can offer.


When bidding on a project, executing a SWOT analysis can ensure a winning strategy. In most cases this is a collaboration between multiple disciplines within your organization. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management seamlessly incorporates the enhanced SharePoint document management functionality within Microsoft Dynamics. Not only can you attach documents from within Microsoft Dynamics to any related record, but you can also build up a dossier that can be presented at later stages. Action lists and graphs can be presented from within Microsoft Dynamics via the creation of enhanced collaboration portals. And, workflows can be used either within Microsoft Dynamics or SharePoint to optimize your qualification processes.


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Project Execution

Effective and optimal resource scheduling is key to running an organization in the professional services arena, where many project based organizations assign activities not to departments, but to project teams. AXtension® Visual Planning lets you gather workers from different disciplines into a single planning group. Combining this with the ability to mass reschedule activities from one resource to another, means that you can very quickly schedule projects and make sure the right resource is selected for a specific activity. AXtension® Visual Planning is the only solution that lets you schedule on hour forecast level. Visual signals will pro-actively prompt you to ensure you solve issues on time and therefore either guarantee progress or communicate delays with your customer.

When an activity is rescheduled it will not, in most cases, automatically update your cost estimates. AXtension® Project Cost Control lets you transfer your planning to a budget that can be managed via a Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS). The CBS allows you to define the hierarchical levels on which you want to report progress and the levels on which you want to manage your budget. Periodic progress reports enable you to manage the progression of the actuals on your budget and create EVM graphs. 


When the actuals do not match your progress, project changes and additional work can be signaled. AXtension® Project Cost Control lets you identify expected activity budget under- or overrun before the activity is completed. You can then discuss these with the project manager or customer to ensure the correct follow-up.

When a project is completed it’s very important to apply the lessons learned to future projects. Your competitive advantage is applied by making optimal use of your experience. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management allows you to create review documents compiled on comparable projects that can be referenced when working on a new offering and during project execution. Combined with the advanced work breakdown, re-use from previous projects lets you take this knowledge and experience into account.

  • SharePoint integration
  • XML import of purchase invoices
  • Export to MS Project
  • Drag and drop support from Outlook / Windows Explorer
  • Web support for remote users
  • Visual task - and resource planning
  • Integrated document management
  • Enhanced workflow for better business processes
  • Project budget control
  • Role based document retrieval
  • Easy collaboration with business partners
  • Centralized screens for insight and access to all relevant information
  • Integrate project logistics in planning
  • Inituitive solutions through strong visuals for management by exception
  • Easy drag and drop planning
  • Seamless integration in Microsoft Dynamics, no separate skills needed
  • Easy access to relevant information
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Better control of project planning
  • Benefit from payment discounts
  • Reduced handling time for purchase invoices
  • Future proof with a solid ISV solution
  • In control of and during the entire project
  • Reduction of errors