Industry AXcelerator® for the Public Sector


The Industry AXcelerator® for the Public Sector helps to balance growing constituent demands with reduced budgets and a more effective overview. This can quickly be realized with a familiar and easy to use solution that provides public sector organizations with access to the information and tools needed to make better decisions and improve constituent services. Its seamless integration in Microsoft Dynamics means that no separate skills are needed.

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This AXcelerator contains:

Solution 1

Enterprise Content Management

Optimized use of tagged documents in your critical business processes

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Solution 2

Project Cost Control

Stay within budget by matching actuals from a single screen

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Solution 3

Invoice Processing

Accounts payable invoice processing has never felt more comfortable

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The Industry AXcelerator® for the Public Sector comprises AXtension® business solutions that provide functionality for specific needs:


  • Efficient and automated remittance of payments.
  • Fully documented and secure processes
  • Document management, categorization, retention and search capabilities.
  • Legislative mandates in a collaborative and open fashion.


AXtension® Enterprise Content Management and its powerful SharePoint integration promote maximum collaboration between both internal and external stakeholders through the use of document libraries. You can configure role-based views to ensure that only the relevant information is accessible by specific resources, in real time, from different locations. This means that there is a huge reduction in paper flow and up-to-date documents and other client information is available at all times.


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  • Microsoft SharePoint integration.
  • Import of purchase invoices using XML and other formats .
  • Drag and drop support from Outlook / Windows Explorer.
  • Web support for remote users.
  • Ability to approve vendor invoices via an easy to use approval app.
  • Document management by integrating SharePoint in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Role based document retrieval.
  • Easy collaboration with business partners.
  • Shared Service Center possibilities for centralized invoice handling of purchase invoices by multiple companies within an Enterprise.
  • Extended workflow with automated tasks for faster invoice handling.
  • Extended invoice matching.
  • Intuitive solutions through visuals signs.
  • Quick access to relevant information.
  • Easy access to digital documents/invoices resulting in a huge reduction in paper flow.
  • Seamless integration in Microsoftt Dynamics, no separate skills needed.
  • Benefit from payment discounts.
  • “One-click” invoice.
  • Reduced handling time for purchase invoices.
  • Always the correct document version.
  • Future proof, with a solid ISV solution.
  • Reduction in errors.