Industry AXcelerator® for Manufacturing


The Industry AXcelerator® for the Manufacturing Industry enhances Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with manual activities such as visual scheduling and pro-active control, that put you in control of the entire product development process, from sales calculation to engineering and prototyping, Streamlining your shop floor increases your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and improves your quality and compliance processes.

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This AXcelerator contains:

Solution 1

Enterprise Content Management

Optimized use of tagged documents in your critical business processes

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Solution 2

Visual Planning for Production

Real-time insight for effective production planning

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Solution 3


Enhance the process of combining separate but related items

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Solution 4

Invoice Processing

Accounts payable invoice processing has never felt more comfortable

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Product Development

This AXcelerator® delivers the organizational flexibility that allows you to manage and meet budget expectations. It also provides enhanced template functionality and graphical planning that eases and improves the project calculation process.


You can schedule both your human and manufacturing resources for any project activity and, by adding the material requirement integration, you can effectively manage the progress of your development project, resulting in more accurate planning and greater shop floor efficiency.


AXtension® Enterprise Content Management reinforces the AXcelerator® by integrating Microsoft SharePoint in Microsoft Dynamics, which lets you dynamically gather all of the project related documents and distribute them to specific resources, who can display them in a single dashboard called an ECM Studio.


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AXtension® Visual Planning uses the master plans provided by Microsoft Dynamics to highlight the impact on your resources and any potential bottlenecks. This insight gives you the control to make decisions based on accurate information. You can see precisely when the orders are scheduled and how they influence confirmed orders or project activities, if necessary, rescheduling or optimizing specific products to find a more suitable timeframe. As and when a sales order is influenced, you can pro-actively update the customer.

Visual Planning provides the flexibility you need to achieve detailed scheduling that allows you to control which resource or resource group will execute a specific activity. You can both optimize and prioritize orders to reduce stress on potential bottleneck machines. Checking your scheduling dashboard gives you direct insight in where you are running behind schedule and prompts you to implement a solution.

Optimal use of AXtension® Enterprise Content Management lets you display both the machine and up to date product instructions for the job that must be executed.  If a machine malfunctions and no maintenance personnel is available, the operator can access a knowledge base containing all instructions for the most common errors 24 hours a day!


Quality and Compliance

In many cases, materials used or tests that have been executed on delivered items require certification. Auditors often also request evidence that specific measuring devices have up-to-date calibration certificates that were valid when the test was executed. AXtension® Enterprise Content Management lets you access all information related to the items you are selling in one simple overview, reducing this potentially time consuming and frustrating task to a simple mouse click.

  • Integration with the standard Dynamics AX WBS, activities, service management and production planning.
  • Dynamics AX workflow extension.
  • SharePoint integration.
  • XML import of purchase invoices.
  • Visual project- and production planning.
  • Role based integrated document management.
  • Enhanced workflow for better business processes.
  • Easy collaboration with business partners.
  • Easy sharing of resources within the enterprise for optimum efficiency.
  • Rough cut and detailed capacity planning.
  • Intuitive solutions through strong visual signs for management by exception.
  • Seamless integration with Standard Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Quick access to relevant information.
  • Easy access to functions such as rescheduling orders.
  • Drag and drop project and production planning.
  • Visualization of production orders scheduled by operation and job.
  • Efficient use of resources.
  • Better planning control.
  • Early insight into production and planning problems.
  • Benefit from payment discounts.
  • Reduced handling time for purchase invoices.
  • Future proof with a solid ISV solution.
  • Reduction of errors.