Industry AXcelerator® for Accounts Payable Automation


The Industry AXcelerator® for Accounts Payable Automation delivers greater efficiency when storing, retrieving and processing documents and invoices.

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This AXcelerator contains:

Solution 1

Enterprise Content Management

Optimized use of tagged documents in your critical business processes

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Solution 2

Invoice Processing

Accounts payable invoice processing has never felt more comfortable

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The industry AXcelerator® for Accounts Payable Automation comprises two powerful AXtension® business solutions.

AXtension® Enterprise Content Management includes a SharePoint integration that supports increased collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders through the use of document libraries. You can configure role-based views to ensure that only the relevant, critical information is accessible by specific resources, in real time, from different locations. This means that up-to-date important project and/or financial information is available at all times, thereby facilitating collaboration on a company, enterprise and global level.

  • Microsoft SharePoint integration.
  • Import of purchase invoices using XML and other formats.
  • Drag and drop support from Outlook / Windows Explorer.
  • Web support for remote users.
  • Ability to approve vendor invoices via an easy to use approval app.
  • Accounts Payable Automation by integrating SharePoint in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Role based document retrieval.
  • Easy collaboration with business partners.
  • Shared Service Center possibilities for centralized invoice handling of purchase invoices by multiple companies within an Enterprise.
  • Extended workflow with automated tasks for faster invoice handling.
  • Extended invoice matching.
  • Intuitive solutions through visuals signs.
  • Quick access to relevant information.
  • Easy access to digital documents/invoices resulting in a huge reduction in paper flow.
  • Seamless integration in Microsoft Dynamics, no separate skills needed.
  • Benefit from payment discounts.
  • “One-click” invoice.
  • Reduced handling time for purchase invoices.
  • Always the correct document version.
  • Future proof, with a solid ISV solution.
  • Reduction in errors.